Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Review

You can never have too many lip balm, especially in the summer. This is a major necessity for me as I have very dry lips. It came to a point that even my hubby is bothered by my dry, chapped, and sometimes, cracked lips. I've mentioned here before that I have tried several brands of lip balm and only found one who really kept up with my demanding dry lips but today I'll share another brand who performed up to par with my favorite balm.

Burts Bees is actually a known brand for using all natural products and their best seller is this, Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. This is their original lip balm and it promises moisture heaven. Its main ingredients are Beeswax which conditions the skin and Vitamin E for added moisturize. It also has a hint of Peppermint provides subtle tingle. 

This is in a twist up tube which I like, its more hygenic this way, but it also comes in tins. The packaging is sturdy and I never experience the balm breaking off. The texture is a little hard at the first few uses, but after it warmed up it actually melts in contact with my lips, soft as a butter. It doesn't feel waxy at all! The balm applies smooth, goes on clear, and dries to a matte finish. I like that it hugs the lips nicely, it stays in place, lightweight, and is perfect under lipstick. 

What I totally love about this is it moisturizes like nobody's business. It heals chapped lips nicely and stoothes cracked lips. If the condition of lips is pretty bad, I apply about 4 layers of this and even with that it doesnt feel heavy. Also, the tingling sensation brought by the Peppermint Oil is not bothersome at all, its subtle and it only last a few minutes.

I just realized that I like my lip balms to be all natural or organic as they are the ones that worked with my very dry lips. I mentioned before that I have tried alot of lip balms before and I noticed that the reason why they don't do me any good is that they contain ingredient/s that are either irritating or drying. From now on, I'll only want all the love of organic and completely natutal ingredients on my puckers.

I love everything about this lipbalm even if this doesnt contain SPF. It would have been perfect if it had SPF but I have my other lipbalm for that purpose. I can't sing enough praises for this, I just love it! I highly recommend this and I'll definitely repurchase this ♥

Btw, Burt's Bees also have other lipbalm variants for you to try, they carry different concotions even tinted balms. They also offer natural skin care products. For more information about Burt's Bees you can like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Retails for 325.00 and is available on Beautybar.

Have you tried Burt's Bees? What's your favorite lip balm?


BDJ Box: March Unboxing and First Impressions

I've always wanted to know what was the fuss about subscription boxes but I decided to not let my excitement get the best of me before I jump ship. I decided to wait until all the hoopla was over so I can decide which of the three subscription boxes was right for me. I'm so glad I did, and yes I chose to go with BDJ Box because they always come up with great boxes every month, great selection of items, great partner brands, and most of the time there's 1-2 full sized items included in the box giving you your money's worth. The strong evidence of this is BDJ box is always out of stock, you have to wait several months to get your order. I placed and paid for my order last December 2013 and the box that I was given allocation for was March. See, they're so in demand :)

The box of the month is an exclusive Benefit box enticingly titled "Secrets of Spy Gal". SpyGal dishes her trade secrets to make that amazing look last the whole day. As you know summer is already upon us and Benefit selected premium sample items that will be the solution to prevent our makeup from sliding off. When I saw that this was a pure Benefit box I was so excited as I always heard of raves about Benefit and I always wanted to try their products. I have my hopes up for this box. Lets take a look at them:

POREfessional PRO Balm is actually a primer for the face which promises to minimize pores and fine lines and will help make up stay in place. I like this, it made foundation application smooth and a little goes a long way. I've only used this once but during that time it helped my foundation last longer.
Full size: 22ml for ₱ 1600

Stay Don't Stray is also a primer but for the area around the eyes. It promises to help eye shadows and concealers stay put and help the color of the shadows to stay true.
Full size: 10ml for ₱ 1400

Stay Flawless is another face primer that promises to lock in your foundation for 15 hours. Wow! Huge claim isn't? I haven't tested this yet so I cant say if that claim is true. The full size is a stick primer and you have to glide it directly onto the skin btw.
Full size: 15.5 g for ₱ 1900

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is an oil free brightening liquid foundation that offers natural coverage. This here has reached cult favorite status among many bloggers I follow. I'm glad that this was included in my box as I always wanted to try this. Sadly the shade that I got "ivory" is too light for me. I plan to re purpose this as a highlighter.
Full size: 30ml for ₱ 1900

Agent Zero Shine is a mattifier that serves as a retouch powder to take off the shine and smooth or blurs the appearance of pores. There's only one sachet sample with a brush provided.
Full size: 7g for ₱ 1600

Under My Spell Noelle is a new fragrance by Benefit and they described this as having an exotic and glamorous woody floral scent.
Full size : 30ml for ₱ 2000

Btw included are 5 BDJ stickers that says "You don't need a mirror to know you're gorgeous" loveee it! :)

The only thing that I did not like about this edition is that there are no full sized item included and some samples are pretty small or in agent zero shine's case, a sachet. Nevertheless, I'll try again with BDJ Box and see where that goes. All in all I'm happy I get to try Benefit items :)

Interested in your own BDJ Box? You can subscribe in 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month scheme here: bdjbox.com

Share your thoughts ♥ Have you tried BDJ box? What's your favorite box? Or what do you think about this month's box?


Tmart 12 Colors Earth Tone Eyeshadow Makeup Palette Review

Hi beauty lovers!

I was suppose to post this ages ago, there were just a lot of things that happened. The major "thing" that happened (and the main reason why I havent posted anything in a while), I was in an unfortunate accident last month. I was in a middle of a shooting accident when I was on my way home from work and I got caught by a stray bullet. Yes, I was shot by a gun on my left leg and was rushed to the hospital. I was operated, treated and confined but I am now in the comfort of my home with my loving family, resting and recuparating. Although my doctor said it will be awhile before I can get back to work and do my normal routine, I'm happy to say that I'm positively getting better each day. What happened to me was indeed unfortunate, as my hubby put it, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but none of that matters now. I actually feel blessed that I'm alive, protected, and loved. Despite what happened, there were no internal organs that were damaged nor any broken bones, though my doctor had to remove alot of dead muscle tissues and fats but those can regenerate and heal anyway. I am still in pain but I guess the worst part is over. I can walk now without help and do stuff on my own.

Yes, I believe everything has a purpose and I know God has His way. There's always a silver lining in everything, we just have to look for it :)

Anyway, back to the main topic. This item was provided by Tmart for editorial and review purposes but all opinion and feedback are my own and unbiased.

Tmart is an online shopping website that caters worldwide. They have wide product offerings from electronics to even novelties. They carry alot of beauty stuff too. From bags, shoes, all kinds of makeup, and nail art tools. Seriously, if you're looking for a product, whatever that maybe, Tmart probably has it. Its like our local CDR king only not limited to electronics but to everyting else. The prices are affordable and they offer free shipping worldwide.

This is their 12 Colors Earth Tone Eyeshadow Makeup Palette. The first thing to notice here is all the Naked 2 markings although this is not marketed by TMart as such, the markings are pretty hard to ignore considering that this looks almost exactly the same as Urban Decay's cult favorite Naked 2. I dont have Naked 2 on hand so I dont have somethung to compare this with when it comes to texture, longetivity, and performance but I got some photos to differienciate the two. We'll get to that later. So for my peace of mind, I'll just refer to this as a dupe and judge it as such.

This palette comes in 12 shades, 9 shimmery shades and 3 mattes ('blackout' has fine shimmers in it which do not show in photos). The palette locks very securely and sturdy, sometimes too sturdy specially in the first few uses as it was kinda hard to open. It comes with a huge mirror and a dual ended brush - a flat eyeshadow brush and on the other end a blending brush which I think are synthetic and did not bleed or shed during wash. The only thing that I did not like on the brush was the bristles on the blending brush head was to long making the brush itself too big for my eye area and very hard to control. Thats fine though, as I have my reliable bruses to the rescue :)
I like how opaque all 9 shimmery shades are and they show up on the lid quite nicely even without a primer underneath except for blackout which is quite powdery sometimes and you need to layer it a bit to get a decent black color. The 3 matte ones are an issue as they apply patchy and they do not show at all on my lids. They just dont stick on the lids without a base underneath. There are also alot of fallouts although all these issues can be solved by a primer or an eye shadow base. It stays put for good 3-4 hours (in an airconditioned room) before they start to crease a little, so if you want to increase the longetivity of it again a primer is much needed to keep them in place.
All in all this is not a bad product, not perfect in a sense, but with the right tools you can certainly make it work. I think that the reasonable price makes up for everything else after all you get what you pay for. If you dont believe in spending thousand of pesos for an original Urban Decay Naked 2 and want the (maybe) next best thing with your budget then this is for you.

Retails for ₱ 438.74 and is available here with free shipping.

Have you heard about Tmart? What Tmart product are you interested in?


Love Month Giveaway

Happy hearts month everyone!

So how did you spent last Valentines Friday? Let me just say that the traffic was pretty craaazy. That's the reason why hubby and I don't go out on Valentines day cause we want to avoid just that. We prefer to  cozy up at the comfort of our home. Eat good food and spend quality time, hassle free. So we did just that. We celebrated last Sunday February 16, we had some fresh salad, buttered shrimp, adobong crispy pata, Tous Les Jours chocolate cake, and Hardy's wine to wash it all down. We just sat on the TV bonded over NBA All Star Weekend, UFC, and some movies ;)

And speaking of Love month, its never too late to share. So along with 11 amazing bloggers, we've collaborated to present you our small token of appreciation - Love Month Giveaway!

Here are the prizes up for grabs!

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As always, joining is easy. Just make sure to follow ALL mandatory steps in the rafflecopter application below and unlock additional steps for more chances of winning :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A little reminder, this giveaway is open for PHILIPPINE residents only and is open until March 20, 2014.

Join the fun and may the odds be ever in your favor :)


Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Having kids is one of the most rewarding and awesome experience I had gone through so far. It’s miraculous! Carrying life inside me for 9 months and finally, seeing him/her for the first time, ahhh, no words can express it! I know that all moms will agree on me on that note. It’s basically what every mom will tell you when you ask them about pregnancy. But no one told me about the horrid stretch marks. In the back of my head I know there will be stretch marks but no one told me that it can be avoided with proper care. I also did not research on that matter as I was too excited reading and researching about what will my baby needs, baby names, how to take care of a baby, ect ect.

Stretch marks happen when your body grows rapidly. This causes the elastic fibers just under the surface of the skin to break, resulting in stretch marks. Since we technically gain weight fast during the 9 months of pregnancy, the skin can’t keep up with the stretching of our belly to accommodate our baby’s growth. Genetic factors also contribute to your chances of having stretch marks, experts say that if your mom has it, most likely you’ll have it too (for the record, my mom has them). They start out pink, reddish brown, purple, or dark brown streaks, depending on your skin color and/or undertone, and turn silvery after pregnancy. The skin also protrudes and indented, you can feel it when you ran your hand over it.  And yes, I have them.

 I don’t feel as bad as it used to. Sure, I've beaten myself over it. Prevention is better than cure right? Now I just think of them as my BATTLE SCARS, a reminder that I've carried my babies inside me and the moment we shared during those pregnancies, like a tattoo :)

 I've had my stretch marks during my first pregnancy and I did not notice any additional marks during my second, maybe because I've started using creams during my second pregnancy (lesson learned!). It was already too late though.

Even though there’s no proven studies that creams can really reverse the appearance of stretch marks or heal them, but there’s no harm in trying. In fact, our skin might just benefit from the additional love and hydration these creams offer. Golden rule: prevention is still better than cure.

Enter Celeteque Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. It has skin firming agents such as Elastonyl and Alchemilla vulgaris extract that help protect and restore the tone and elasticity of the skin. It also has effective moisturizers such as Phyto Collage and Shea Butter to help skin become more pliant or in a sense, “stretchable”.

It is advisable to apply a good amount of cream twice daily (morning and night) on sensitive and stretch mark prone areas such as abdomen, thighs, breasts, ect in circular motions preferably during the onset of pregnancy to aid skin elasticity. I highly suggest you use this after shower while the skin is still damp so that the moisture will be fully absorbed and “locked in”. Re-apply as necessary especially if you are pregnant and the skin is itching.

I've tried this for two weeks now and though I have not seen any drastic changes on my marks, my tummy and breast area where I apply this cream is more moisturized and supple. I think it’s just way too late for me now since my marks are already silvery but they more prone to itchiness and are drier than the rest of my body so this helps a lot in taming my skin. So yeah, I will repurchase this cream :)

How about you? Have you tried any anti-stretch mark creams?

Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream available in all Watson's stores, SM Department store, and Robinson's Department store. Retails for ₱ 445.00


Nivea Body Milk Intensive Moisture

The weather is pretty crazy right now. It is expected that it will be colder during January in our country but I have never experienced cold like this before.

My skin is drier than it usually is because of the weather. My skin is itchy, flaky, rough, blotchy, irritated, and plainly uncomfortable. So when I saw this during one of our family’s grocery trip I did not hesitate to purchase it. Nivea has always been my trusted brand when it comes to body lotions and I love their body serum.

Nivea promises to supply the skin with long-lasting moisture to leave it smooth and less dry. It is enriched with high concentrated Vitamin E, the new non-sticky formula repairs dry and rough skin to become soft and smooth immediately. Together with Grape Seed Oil and Avocado Oil, it provides effective yet natural care for silkier and smoother skin.

The first thing that I noticed with this is it is super easy to use. It applies smoothly and glides over skin like butter. That’s something that is important to me as I've tried several lotions in the past that is too heavy and a pain in the butt to spread and because of that consistency I have to work it in (blend, massage, etc.) my skin longer just so the product will spread. As you can see on the photo below, intensive moisture is light and quite runny almost like their Nivea Baby pure and sensitive milk lotion which my kids use.

I don’t see what’s not to love about this product. My skin seems to just drink this in as it gets absorb easily! It has a supple and relaxing scent, dries fast, and the most important bit of all is it helped tame my very dry skin with frequent use. Actually even on the first use, I already noticed quite a huge improvement on my skin.

Apply lotions doesn't feel like a chore anymore because of this. I just love it. The only thing that they might improve on it is the opening, the spout could get messy although that's nothing a simple tissue wipe can’t fix.

Yes, without question, I’ll repurchase this and will make sure to purchase the bigger bottle, the one with a pump for easier use :)

How about you? What's your favorite Nivea lotion? Or your HG body lotion?

Happy weekend!

I'm a proud mom, a corporate slave, a book worm, a dancer, a skin care junkie, a late bloomer when it comes to makeup, a house cook, and a musician. I'm passionate for everything lovely and beautiful. I call myself a jack of all trades but master of none. For business purposes email me at jaja@beautycolada.com

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